ELITE – THE CHOICE OR BEST OF ANYTHING CONSIDERED COLLECTIVELY. After a conversation with one of our members, it was brought to my attention, that PSP’s tag line, “Train where the elite train,” is alienating potential members through the misconception that our facility is only for professional athletes – which is by no means my intention. 

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Do you train for the first game of the year or the last? I know the question seems rhetorical, when it truth, I feel it’s a very valid statement.  How many athletes train with the intent of improving their performance across their competitive season?  Taking a straw poll among the 100 or so High school athletes
If I ran down my complete list of lessons learned during my 10+ years of strength and conditioning, it would be inappropriate for a newsletter. It would also be more like an encyclopedia (do they still print those?) 1. Cool and Good are NOT the same   There is a huge gray area between cool
The Best Exercises for Overhead Sports: I’m often asked what the “best” exercises are – and my response never leads to just one answer, as there are multiple answers depending on the individual’s needs. However, in my experience, I’ve come to appreciate the following 4 moves for any type of overhead sports, including softball, baseball,
Most athletes would give anything to have more speed – but what does it take to get it? Since this is the number one goal of just about every athlete I have ever trained, it makes for an excellent topic of conversation.  I can’t even begin to guess how many times I am asked by
I know the title of this article may seem elementary, however, with the ever growing popularity of early specialization in youth sports, athletes as young as 8 or 9 are being pushed into year round competition – meaning, there is no off-season.  And when there is no off-season, there is no strength and conditioning. As


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