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As an aspiring professional athlete, I was searching for a place to train that would challenge me while I pursue my dream of a professional football career.  I came to PSP, after the recommendation of a former coach, simply looking for some information.  I found myself starting my program the very next day! I have been training @ PSP with Steve 4 days per week, every week since September 2013.  In my time, I have seen a noticeable improvement in my overall athletic ability.  As a guy who always been one of the faster guys on the field, I have been amazed about how much more explosive I feel after training here.  Since I started training with PSP, I have noticed increases in strength, speed, quickness and I have gained a few pounds.  The programs they design customize each workout so it’s a challenge every time you walk through the door; I love that! I have recorded personal best in my workouts with professional football teams since coming here! I recommend PSP for any high school, collegiate or professional athlete; these guys know what it takes and how to get you there!
Julian, Wide Receiver - Iowa Barnstormers
Andrew has worked with Steve for about 2 years now.   During his time, he has shown remarkable gains in quickness, speed, strength & endurance.  Andrew has always been a hard working goal oriented person in addition to talented athlete, however there is no doubt that the gains he has made physically have made a substantial impact on his performance.  Through much of his efforts in the gym and on the field, Andrew was selected to the 2018 True National Black team for lacrosse one of the top elite honors at his age for a lacrosse player.  If you have a young athlete, there is no other place I would even consider.
Bob, Athlete Parent -
My story is fairly simple. Used to hate exercise, with a passion! I belonged to Curves off and on for years but was never very successful at it. My husband, Darren, was going to the gym once or twice a month and was on the verge of quitting when we found PSP. In the beginning, my husband and I would work out with them once or twice a week, now I work-out there about 3-4 times per week. My husband and I drive about 45 minutes to get to PSP but it is well worth it! My husband is down a full pants size and I have lost 37lbs and counting! We have also both seen health benefits such as being able to stop taking meds that we had been on for a long time. The very first night we worked out with the guys, they had us get down on the floor in the middle of the gym to do some core exercises. That was horrible for me; I was intimidated by the gym, especially since it was a co-ed gym and overwhelmed by the thought of getting up and down on the floor in the open like that. Now, I don’t even think twice about it! I cannot say enough good things about the trainers at PSP. They truly care about their clients and are passionate about fitness and health. It really is a different kind of gym. The concept of group training is also awesome. The idea is you come in whenever you want; work with whichever trainer’s available and jump in with a group that’s already exercising. The variety of exercises is great; I never know what I’m going to do when I walk through the door. I also love seeing what the trainers are doing with their other clients; some of the things I can’t do yet but it is fun to see the possibilities. The PSP Team never makes a person feel bad for what they can’t do; instead they celebrate what you can do and that is so important and motivating. PSP has truly helped both my husband and I to transform our lives. I am a true fitness convert and that is honestly something I never expected to say! It’s truly been a life changing experience for both of us. Give the team at PSP a chance; you won’t be sorry that you did.
Mary , Adult Member -
I have finally found a gym that meets my personal needs.  After a long recovery from Achilles surgery, I felt out of shape and that my “athletic” days were over, as a 37 year old. Steve, Scott, and John have pushed me everyday, to where my daily PSP visit is an addiction. I get in and get out within an hour and honestly feel lost if I miss a day.
Keith , Adult Member -
My children, aged 11 and 14 have trained with Steve for almost a year.  About six months ago, my daughter broke her growth plate in her right ankle in a softball game and it was deemed by the surgeon, “the worst break she had ever seen.”  Steve Purvin nurtured her back from not being able to walk, to now, doing full weighted squats and speed work.  The care and diligence spent with her during this trying time was unbelievable.  Her coordination and balance far exceeds the norm for someone of her age, 14, and her height 5’11”. Steve has also worked intensely with my 11 yr old son through his many growth spurts and has aided him in speed, strength and quickness as he grows into his “new” body. Steve and his staff, Scott Hejna and John Binkowski are VERY hands on with innovative workouts to keep my kids interested and challenged at the same time.  In addition, they explain the range of motion of the movement, so the kids understand how it will help improve their athleticism. I have two kids that literally crawl out of the gym, but can’t be more excited about their next workout because of the way the staff presents the challenges to them.    
Tim, Athlete Parent -


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