Thank you for the First 2 Years!

Thanks to you, PSP is looking forward to its 3rd year!

I am honored, grateful and blessed – yet still scared half to death…
We’re already in March 2015, meaning we completely forgot to celebrate the start of our 3rd year at Pro Sports Performance. 2 years have passed – how can that be? This has been nothing more than a blink of an eye as far as I’m concerned. Luckily for my wife, I am much better remembering my wedding anniversary than PSP’s.
A little over 2 years ago I signed a lease and simultaneously lost about 10 years of my lifespan due to the immediate stress. A dream became a reality, but at the same time, I had just undertaken the biggest gamble a young professional could make; I was officially on my own. No more did I have the security of a company to provide for me, I was responsible for all of my and my family’s success and failure.

Just over a month later, PSP opened for business in Orland Park in January 2013. We opened with little clue how to run a business, we had only ordered half of the equipment needed, and couldn’t seem to figure out how to unlock the door – I used duct tape over the latch for the first couple weeks – no joke. I had a passion for fitness, exercise, training, sports, coaching and developing athletes, and a vision to bring my passion to life. Looking back at the brief history and success stories we’ve had at PSP I think we have far superseded expectations.

Over this time, I’ve also had the pleasure to work with and develop 3 excellent young coaches. I now appreciate that building a coaching staff is every bit as important to me as increasing a vertical Jump or the speed of a 40 yard dash – not only do I depend on these coaches, but you – the adult members and athletes – depend on them to achieve your fitness goals.
I want to openly thank everyone who has participated in our training programs – you’ve supported PSP’s growth, development, and our reputation – and many of you have even kept an eye on our mascots, Skye and Peanut Butter. In addition, I want to thank my wife for providing enough motivational, emotional and physical support to allow me to be fully committed to our athletes and adult clients even if that means a few less hours at home. I want to thank my family for raising me with the work ethic and dedication necessary to build a business from a passion. I also want to thank YOU, the PSP community for believing in our training enough to invest in our programs and yourselves.
As PSP moves towards year three, I promise there is no less passion. The first two years have been a catapult and a learning experience to increase the quality of our program, to continue to use the most innovative methods in the industry of strength and conditioning, to expand the PSP brand, and to continue to lead the Chicagoland area in athletic performance training.

“Train where the elite train”
-Coach Steve


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