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After a conversation with one of our members, it was brought to my attention, that PSP’s tag line, “Train where the elite train,” is alienating potential members through the misconception that our facility is only for professional athletes – which is by no means my intention.  Anyone can be elite – let’s use this first edition of the PSP newsletter to explain why.

The mere definition of elite characterizes how I imagined our entire membership base would feel from being a part of PSP.  I am not interested in recruiting or marketing to only one particular demographic of individual, it’s actually the exact opposite.

Whether you are an athlete who plays professional football, an Olympic athlete, a junior varsity reserve, a stay-at-home mom looking for a challenge, or even my own 81 year old grandmother who simply wants to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without losing her breath – or as she reminds me daily, hold her great grandchildren – you are elite.

You are elite because you have accepted the challenge. PSP workouts are not easy, they are not always trendy, and sometimes can be repetitive – but each one is designed with your goals as our number one priority.  It takes a particular level of commitment to make it through our program; there are the long, time consuming warm-ups, the ever-frustrating stability exercises that you would rather skip because of how clumsy they make you feel, and don’t get me started on those friggin’ Airdynes.  The commitment to subject yourself exclusively to this program on a day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month basis qualifies you as elite.

You are elite because you are part of a small but growing fitness community who understands that just because an exercise is the latest fad, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. You are elite because you are not intimidated watching a 6-foot-7-inch, 300-pound 3rd Round NFL Draft Pick drag a 500-pound sled right next to you – you are motivated. You are elite because you are not star struck by an Olympic Silver Medal – you appreciate the effort, energy and dedication necessary to achieve such success, and you aren’t afraid to compete alongside these athletes doing many of the exact same exercises.  Minus my grandmother pulling a 500-pound sled, of course.

Elite is a state of mind, a representation of how important you consider your health and fitness.  There are an infinite number of options, fads, gyms, diets, gimmicks and charismatic individuals in the world selling the “magic” pill or “ultimate” solution to lifelong health and prosperity – you chose to entrust your fitness program to a gym located in the back end of a warehouse with barely enough equipment to fill the steam shower of a major national fitness brand.  More importantly than a gym, you chose to work with a coach/trainer/jerk/_____ (insert your choice title for me here) and an organization that has your best interest at heart – although it may difficult to see, especially during the middle of an intense conditioning session.

I don’t design programs around trends, coolness, or colorful antics.  I design programs around human anatomy, kinesiology, bio mechanics, and most importantly, YOU!  No two people are alike, no two movement patterns are alike, and although many programs are similar, no two training programs should be exactly alike.

What makes you elite?  YOU make yourself elite.  Not just because of where you work out, but because of the decisions you make on a daily basis and who you are as a person. Try replacing our tag line with your name – “Train where ___ trains,” to give you a better understanding of just what I mean.

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Coach Steve


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